Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Recipe Review of Dreamy Baked Bananas: Featured Recipe from “The China Study All-Star Collection Cookbook” 

Need a quick, easy and delicious dessert that you probably already have all the ingredients for?  Of course you do!  Put this in your arsenal because you are going to love it, maybe even need it, when you are searching for a quick dessert to make on the fly.
My Facebook friends and I have been swooning over this recipe as several of us have made this in the last few days. The recipe calls for raw cashew butter,  but this is certainly interchangeable with other nut or seed butters.  I used homemade raw almond butter.  I omitted the sugar sprinkling on the top because my bananas were perfectly ripe and didn't need additional sweetening.  A little bit of chopped nuts on top would certainly add a nice crunch - or some toasted coconut too!

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