Monday, September 1, 2014

Potato Corn Chowder - Yes! Soup in the Summer!

Yep... soup in the summer IS what's for dinner.  Especially with this recipe from my CSA - Fresh Fork Market. This soup is incredibly seasonal with fresh corn, potatoes, tomatoes and herbs.  It is also so creamy and satisfying - REAL comfort food!

This soup didn't need any major modification.  It was written vegan and oil-free.  I used coconut milk as in the recipe, but any non-dairy milk can be used.  I also suggest cilantro rather than basil - it just seemed to make more sense to me. Honestly, any fresh herb that suits your personal taste will be fabulous!

Another plus I discovered is that this soup freezes and reheats very well.  Just save the garnishes to add when serving. 

Happy summer soup making! 

Labor Day Morning REAL Biscuits

Another one of my favorite blogs is
In a discussion yesterday on the Facebook group KidTestedFireFighterApproved, which is a spinoff of two blogs, Morgan posted her JalapeƱo Ranch Dressing.  While reading the recipe, I linked to her Plant-Strong Mayo and her Fluffy and Tender Plant-Strong Biscuits recipes.  The biscuits were my first order of the day, after coffee, that is. These biscuits are phenomenal!  I used whole grain spelt flour because I'm out of whole wheat pastry flour and they came out as light and fluffy, if not more so, than wheat flour would have.  I ate mine warm right out of the oven topped with jam.  Now I believe gravy will be necessary!  

Here is a photo of the finished product right out of my oven, but Morgan's photos are far superior, so here is the link her blog for the recipe and to give credit where credit is due: